VIDEO: Ol' Dirty Bastard Documentary (Full)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Watch this great, and sad, Ol' Dirty Bastard VH1 documentary.

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VIDEO: Colin Munroe - I Want Those Flashing Lights (Kanye West Remix)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Canada's own Colin Munroe created his own creative remix to Kanye West. Definitely changed it up quite a lot. I dig it

DOWNLOAD: Colin Munroe - I Want Those Flashing Lights(Kanye West Remix)

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Erykah Badu - The Healer

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"The Healer" is off of Erykah Badu's upcoming album, Nu Amerykah Part One: The 4th World Word, in stores February 26th! Produced by the always dope Madlib. The track is dope this line says it all "Hip Hop is bigger than religion/Hip Hop is bigger than the government/this one is for Dilla"

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N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is either a brand new song, or an unreleased gem. The upcoming N.E.R.D. album, entitled N.3.R.D. coming out sometime this year.

DOWNLOAD: N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose [via BBC]

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Kidz In The Hall - Driving Down The Block

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fresh off their recent signing with Duck Down, Kidz in the Hall drop their first single, Driving Down he Block.The forthcoming album "In The Crowd" is schedule to come out on April 29th, featuring Gym Class Heroes, The Cool Kids and The Clipse. Oh yeah, and of course, the whole Duck Down crew!

DOWNLOAD: Kidz in the Hall - Driving Down the Block

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VIDEO: Madvillain - Accordion

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This Madvillain 'Accordion' will be featured on Stones Throw 102: In Living The True Gods DVD. Out February 12th. Filmed in 2004 but previously unreleased.

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Etnies PAS DA Collection

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Etnies PAS DA Collection - Senix MV - White and Grey is a smart choice for those who want to keep the earth clean and re-use materials.Composed almost entirely of recycled materials, the upper is constructed of hemp-based canvas with a bamboo lining and sockliner. To top it off, the print is water-based, the outsole is made from recycled rubber and padding derived from old carpet-foam. The only place with availability is Southern California's Blends. Thanks to ACK for the post.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Sunday, January 13, 2008

So I heard the pilot is floating around on the internet for sometime and I watched the first episode of Terminator tonight. I have to say to I'm very impressed with the show so far. The series covers the events that take place with Sarah and John Connor between T2 and T3. Lena Headey (the wife from '300' and the chick from 'Gossip') plays Sarah Connor and does a great job, right down down to mimicking some of Linda Hamilton's mannerisms from T2. Summer Glau (River from Firefly/Serenity) plays Cameron. John is played by a guy from 7th Heaven I think.The effects are rather well done, keeping with the theme of the movies and the show is a nice mix of action and drama, in about the same ratio as Heroes. Check it out - a new episode is on tomorrow night on FOX.

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News Years Resolutions 2008

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This is the first post of the new year and this time of the year everyone make their resolutions for the new year. I'm no different this is a good way and time to set some goals for myself for this year. I found two articles online on new year's resolutions, the articles are focused on goal setting rather resolutions. Check the articles: Ten Freelancing Resolutions for the New Year and Don't Make Resolutions - Set Goals in 2008

Goals for 2008:
This year my focus is 3 fold (finance/health and art & design)

1. Take better care of myself:
- Exercise more often, find some form of exercise that I enjoy and do it.
- Eat more healthier.
- More sleep.
- Strengthen relationships with the people I care about. Establish new relationships and reconnect with old friends.

2. Get my finances in order:
- Save at least 10% of each pay into my online saving and rsp account.
- Focus paying down my consolidation loan by December 31, 2008.
- Keep track of my spending habits in a journal. Review my progress on a monthly basis.
- Be less dependent on credit cards and use cash more often.
- Most importantly, don't spend money on things you don't need and be happy with you have.

3. Dedicate more time and energy on my art and design projects:
- Work on my own projects to build up my portfolio.
- Design a portfolio website or blog to display your work.
- Don't be afraid to freelance to build up clients.
- Stop waiting for inspiration. Jack London once said "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Don't ask me what it means I just like how its sounds.

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